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Imagine coming home after a long sweaty and tiring day at work only to find your air conditioner already dead! That would perhaps send a string of abuses from your tongue and add piles of frustration to your evening. Repairing an air conditioner then becomes an urgency and you just can’t wait till you get those wafts of cool breeze sweep your tired body.

In this article, let us brush up with some tips to repair your air conditioner.

Your System Is No Longer Running

In such an event you should be checking the circuit breaker or the fuse. If they seem to have no problem, turn your eyes to the thermostat. Check if it is set properly and is not too high. Try to set it at five degrees lower temperature. If everything you tried doesn’t seem to succeed, it’s time to dial a professional repairman for help.

Zero Cooling

Thermostat is the key here, too. Check it and ensure it is not set too high. Lower it, if it is too high. If that is all set and right then run a check on the air intake from the condenser. There may be a possible blockage and the probability increases if it is the season of fall, where there are a lot of leaves. You also need to ensure that the fan fins are not crooked and if they are, set them right. Needless to mention, if all fails, your telephone book should have the number of a professional repairer handy!

Inconsistent Cooling

Cleaning the condenser should solve most of the issues. However, if this fails, you have your savior; the professional air conditioning repair service. It is quite common that the condenser gets blocked due to accumulation of foliage. You should also make sure that the pad on which your condenser lies, is leveled. If not, the concrete may crack and could disturb the arrangement of the condenser and the motor. This will take a toll on its operation.

Doing It Yourself Or Hiring A Repair Professional

If you are thinking of repairing your air conditioner yourself, you ought to know that the condenser and the evaporator are closed units which makes it difficult to carry out a d-i-y (do it yourself). You can fix a blocked evaporator all by yourself but it is wiser to have a professional repairman regularly service your air conditioner. This will keep away most of your problems, except when the season betrays and there are leaves and other debris taking a stroll in the air!

For an exigency, you can take up the cleaning procedure yourself, by working your way around the insulation and evaporator but if you are looking for an impeccable repair and a smoothly working air conditioner, you should not avoid a professional HVAC repairperson.

Choosing The Right Professional

True, a professional repair company is most advisable, but there are certain things you can be educated about, so that you don’t allow yourself to be taken for a ride. Go for the one who offers you an estimate without charging. These are the ones who usually end up doing a perfect job. Make sure you are given a guarantee for the installed parts. If you belong to the class of senior citizens, you can ask for a discount. You can also take a 24/7 service contract.

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